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    SQL Server 2019 Standard

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    Core Pack What is this?

    SQL Server Core Packs

    Choose between the 2 Core Pack and 10 Core Pack editions of Microsoft SQL Server. The 2 Core Pack is suitable for small-scale applications and is designed for customers who require fewer resources. The 10 Core Pack provides more processing power and is ideal for larger-scale applications and businesses with higher data processing needs. Select the edition that best fits your organization's requirements.

    Architecture What is this?

    32 or 64 bits: Which edition should I install?

    When selecting between 32-bit and 64-bit editions, consider your hardware and intended use. Choose 32-bit for unsupported processors or limited memory, and 64-bit for newer computers with over 4GB of memory. Check software requirements, as not all applications work on both. We can help you choose the best option.

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    Minimum System Requirements
    • Operating System: Windows Server 2016 or higher
    • License for: 1 Server
    • Processor: 1.4 Ghz
    • Architecture: 64 Bits
    • Minimum RAM: 6 GB
    • Minimum HDD: 4 GB

    Main Features

    SQL Server 2019 Standard includes the following key features:

    • Intelligent query processing
    • Accelerated database recovery
    • Enhanced security features
    • Big data clusters
    • Improved performance and scalability


    • Improved query performance and reduced query execution time
    • Faster database recovery in case of failures
    • Enhanced security features to protect sensitive data
    • Ability to manage big data workloads with ease
    • Improved scalability to handle large amounts of data and users

    What's New in SQL Server 2019 Standard?

    SQL Server 2019 Standard is Microsoft's popular relational database management system. It comes with several new features and improvements that make it more powerful and efficient than its predecessor, SQL Server 2017.

    One of the most significant changes in SQL Server 2019 Standard is the introduction of Big Data Clusters. This feature allows users to deploy scalable clusters of SQL Server, Apache Spark, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) containers running on Kubernetes. This enables users to run big data workloads and machine learning models directly on their SQL Server data.

    Another major improvement in SQL Server 2019 Standard is the enhanced security features. It comes with several new security enhancements, including Always Encrypted with secure enclaves, which provides better protection for sensitive data. It also includes support for encrypted backups and improved auditing capabilities.

    SQL Server 2019 Standard also includes several performance improvements, such as Intelligent Query Processing, which uses machine learning to optimize query performance, and Accelerated Database Recovery, which reduces the time it takes to recover from a database failure.

    Overall, SQL Server 2019 Standard is a significant upgrade from its previous version, SQL Server 2017. It comes with several new features and improvements that make it more powerful, efficient, and secure. If you're looking for a reliable and scalable relational database management system, SQL Server 2019 Standard is definitely worth considering.

    Previous version: SQL Server 2017

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