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    CALs for SQL Server 2017

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    SQL Server Client Access Licenses

    SQL Server CALs are required for each user or device that will access the server. Select the number of CALs needed for your organization, ranging from 10 to 150. Purchasing the appropriate number of CALs ensures that all users and devices connecting to your SQL Server instance are properly licensed and compliant with Microsoft's licensing policies.

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    Minimum System Requirements
    • Operating System: Windows Server 2016 or higher
    • License for: 1 Server
    • Processor: 1.4 Ghz
    • Architecture: 64 Bits
    • Minimum RAM: 6 GB
    • Minimum HDD: 4 GB

    Main Features

    The Client Access Licenses (CALs) for SQL Server 2017 Standard provide access to the following key features:

    • Basic reporting and analytics
    • Data warehousing
    • Security and encryption
    • Backup and recovery
    • High availability and disaster recovery
    • Integration with other Microsoft products


    • Access to advanced features and functionality
    • Scalability to meet growing business needs
    • Improved data security and compliance
    • Reduced risk of data loss with backup and recovery options
    • Increased uptime and availability with high availability and disaster recovery options
    • Integration with other Microsoft products for a seamless user experience
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